50 Classic Chanel Handbags You Need To Collect

Chanel is a top brand. I don't need to explain to you about that. From classic design to contemporary, Chanel tops it all but we cannot have them all! I think many of them cannot be bought by money as they are collector items. Here are 50 Chanel hand bags just to even look at them.

20 Men Fur Coat for Serious Winter

For those who live in snow countries, winter means serious business! Well, let's get serous about how to handle the winter with some serious and awesome fashion. Fur coat, despite of the anti-fur trend, fur is clear still treated like the jewellery in the fashion industry. Fur is the considered an "Art" form that adds values to your collection. While many heave weights like Gucci, Tom Ford, Donatella Versace and others have joined the no fur cause, but you still cannot escape from see fur in cities like Milan and Paris. The market demand is clear still there.

15 Incredible Images from Switzerland

Winter is coming. Switzerland off some of the most breath taking snowy alpine view on Earth. However, even while we can almost feel the crispy and white chill in  the snowy photos about Switzerland, we often find the warmth from the dim lamp showing through the windows and street lamp due to the contrast between the light and the quiet snowy background.
Switzerland is not to be missed. Here are 15 images about the beauty of Switzerland

30 Women Winter Fashion Images Trending on Social Media 2018

You know how we go on the social media site and search something and quickly, before we know it, we have lost an hour or so by consuming the suggested related contents. I wonder what will happen if I just keep on select one of the suggested pin on Pinterest and where I would have gotten.

So I started with the key word "Winter Fashion" on Pinterest and then just click on one of the picture I liked on the related pin for 30 times. Look what I've found! They are really nice. Perhaps this is a reflection of what I like to see in 2018! Perhaps.... haha.

Bruno Cute but Multitalented Toaster from Japan

Bruno is a cute and pretty multiple purpose toaster-oven designed from Japan. It's design will not only add aesthetic beauty to your kitchen but also to your dinning table.  Like many Japanese design,

Tiny house that host a music concert!

This tiny house designed by professional musician is not so tiny. It can host a concern everyday with its large open space in the front yard. It even has built in speakers that can be turned on any time to host the concert. The inside of the house also packs a lot of interesting designs that fit the unique lifestyle of the musician.

Modern Architecture on Steep Hill of Vancouver (Video)

This highly stylish and modern house built on a steep hill on Vancouver has one of the greatest view into the oceans as well as to the city. Within the house the architect designer has inserted natural elements while maintaining the modern feeling according to their client's wishes. 

Peugeot E-Legend Autonomous Driving In Style!

Revitalised retro styling with autonomous driving intelligent, this is what Peugeot E-Legend concept car is about.  The E-Legend is set to debut at the Paris motor show early next month. Peugeot aims to demonstrate their modern interpretation of the 1969 Peugeot 504 Coupe. With a hashtag #UnboringTheFuture, the YouTube video surely demonstrates what a fantastic looking car it can be.

A minimal smartphone to boast your productivity

Blloc is a plain, minimalistic and effective smartphone that's on pre-order target delivery Nov 2018. It is a smartphone redesigned to cut away a lot of distracting features so the user can focus on the task at hand to boast productivity.