Smart design one hand soap dispenser

This simple design is so smart and so minimalistic! It's called "Soap Droplet" by Magisso. It can be placed inside the sink or on counter top. The super strong suction cup will keep it in place and the Soap Droplet dispenses small drops of soap at the time. The way it is designed release only small amount of soap to prevent excess usage. When put on top of counter top, the excess soap get stay in the product so wastage is further reduced.  With the Magisso Soap Droplet you will use less soap and even less water for rinsing.

This robot with two big eyes is roaming all kinds of terrain!

Automation Make Every Burger Consistent!

Dear Santa, I must have Cozmo This Christmas Please!

Turn your any home surface into a computer with Sony Xperia Touch

Sony Xperia Touch is an amazing Android device that turn your floor, wall, desktop or other surfaces in your home into an interactive entertainment centre. It projects video images onto the surface as well as sense your finger's action so that you can use your floor as a touch screen. It's the best gift for Christmas or other holidays. And because you can turn any table or floor areas into a game console, you are going to have a lot of fun playing with your kids.

Incredible Egg Art Will Awe You

In Bukovina, a northern region of Romania, the Easter tradition of dyeing eggs has been elevated into an art form. Filmmaker Titus-Armand Napirlica along with production company Jungles in Paris profiles the beautiful work of Elena Craciunescu in The Egg Painter. Craciunescu is one of a dozen egg painters in the small village of Ciocăneşti. The town's buildings feature elaborate motifs, which are reflected in the decorated eggs. Using a process similar to batik, Craciunescu uses an iron-tipped stick, called a kishitze, to apply a wax design onto a clean and drained egg. She then dips the egg into a dye bath and repeats the process of "painting" with wax and submerging it into other dyes to create a layering effect. The wax acts as a shield between each dye bath, allowing the egg to retain color from the previous dip. In the final stage the egg is held up to a heat source that melts the wax and leaves behind a stunning pattern.

The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic's mission of inspiring people to care about the planet. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of the National Geographic Society.

Know of a great short film that should be part of our Showcase? Email to submit a video for consideration.

Source: National Geographic

8 Awesome Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking Easy!


Spadle is the incredibly versatile spoon that twists into a ladle. As a large cooking spoon it has all of the features of our best-selling Supoon – a flat squeegee tip to scrape your pan or bowl clean, a deep ½ cup scooping head, heaps of useful measuring lines, and a handle that acts as a built-in spoon rest. A simple twist of Spadle’s handle cleverly transforms it into a ladle perfect for serving soups or stews.


The Obol is The Original Crispy Bowl! It has a unique Swoop n Scoop Spiral Slide Design, that makes every bite as crispy as the first.


The origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes

ScopeThat LI'L Dipper

ScoopTHAT! LI'L DIPPER brings a whole new level of luxury to everyone's favorite frozen treat. Its rock-solid, lightweight construction plows through tough ice cream – and let's be honest: it's just just the right size for a little honest indulgence.


Use the new, serrated edge to shred off fine curls of butter straight onto your toast, and then gently draw the blade over them for a smoother, more even layer of butter right out of the fridge. No waiting, no clumping – just a better slice of toast, made just plain easy.


With these specially designed mould, you can transform any boiled eggs into interesting shapes.

Spiral Cutter

Excellent for cutting decorative spirals from fresh cucumber and white radish. Cut the end of the cucumber, punch the peeler pin into its centre and turn smoothly. Made of resistant plastic.

Potato Spiral Cutter

This potato spiral cutter comes with stainless steel spits that makes cutting to frying a simple task.

45 Elegant Kitchenware That Bright Up Your Kitchen

Kitchenware can be so much fun. Elegantly designed kitchenware can really add personality to your kitchen. They are often small and low cost ideas so you don't have to spend mega dollars in major renovation or time consuming DIY projects to transform your kitchen.  Many of these products are items which you actually use everyday and hold in your hand. Your guests get to be entertained while they admire the good look or just enjoy a bit of the humour in the design.

Please enjoy these products.