Sunday, January 3, 2016

Louis Moinet Derrick Gaz 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition

January 03, 2016

The tourbillon-powered Derrick Gaz combines automaton and watchmaking prowess, illustrating the vitality of the fully independent Ateliers Louis Moinet,

Is there still scope for creativity, innovation and unicity? It would seem so, because once again Louis Moinet has moved into completely uncharted territory in both technical and aesthetic terms.

At the heart of this voyage lies creation in the strictest sense of the term. The twelfth-century word “create” derives from the same Latin root as “crescere”; before it took on its present-day meaning of invention, it originally had the sense of “grow”. And ‘growing’ was indeed the vocation of Louis Moinet, the man who invented the chronograph in 1816 and pioneered high frequencies in watches, along with many other discoveries: growing the art of watchmaking and taking it forward to new horizons. Today, creative growth remains the vocation of the Ateliers that bear his name.

Brand: Louis Moinet

Model: Derrick Gaz

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