Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tiny house that host a music concert!

October 02, 2018

This tiny house designed by professional musician is not so tiny. It can host a concern everyday with its large open space in the front yard. It even has built in speakers that can be turned on any time to host the concert. The inside of the house also packs a lot of interesting designs that fit the unique lifestyle of the musician.

Look at this front yard. It's designed such way on purpose to bring the community together.

Speakers are mount on the external wall on the smaller unit.

The inside of the container based house is nice and organised. For a tiny house, there is certainly a lot of space for the kitchen.

This is a unique custom built gear to control a "hanging storage" from the ceiling of the kitchen. The owner hangs a few kitchenware for the decoration purpose. It's a fun looking and interesting idea.

The washroom get an unusual big share of space too. With so much space, going to the washroom or having show is totally not like other tiny house. The shower area is designed to be a "spa" like area.

You can watch the video for the entire story here: