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January 16, 2016

Style and Design Gallery is an Open Blog for nicely designed product with class and style.  We actively search products from the internet and select the good ones to be posted and shared on our site. We provide links back to the source, which we hope to help drive traffic to web site or online store owner.

If you've got a good product you would to be showcase on our blog, just send us an email. When we create a new blog post, we also publishes our post to our Pinterest board and other Twitter accounts to drive traffic.

Here are the details of how:

Send email to:

Email Subject: Your Product Name.

Email Body:
  • One or more photos (at least 680px wide) of your product.
  • Product's Brand Name
  • Description of your product
  • The HyperLink pointing to the exact product page (not your home page). 
  • Your Store's name.
  • Suggested Labels for our blog post.

In return, I would like to ask if you will feature a post or write up something for our blog. Let's collaborate and help each other out.

I look forward to receiving your suggestions! Thanks.